Small Wine Fridges

Small Wine Fridges

If you want to start a small wine collection, or you do not have room for a large cellar, then keep reading as here is where you will find all you need to know about the best small wine fridges.

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Dual Wine Fridges

Dual Zone Wine Fridges

Wine fridges come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the more popular kinds is the dual zone wine fridge. Dual zone wine fridges are great for people who have limited space for their wine collection, but want to

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Wine Cellars

Large Wine Fridges

Are you a wine enthusiast? If you are serious about wine and would like to build a large collection, then this section for you. Large wine fridges are the big titans of wine cellars and are often used when wine

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Wine Fridges

“When wines are chilled to the recommended temperature, they are a little slice of heaven….” And if you are a wine lover, you know exactly what that means …… Pure perfection.

It is undeniable that serving wine at the right temperature, enhances the overall experience.

Wine fridges are specially designed for aging and serving wines at the right temperature, and as a result of this, they maximize your level of enjoyment, every time.

If you are considering whether you should buy a wine fridge or which type is best for your needs, you have come to the right place. We will answer all your questions to help you make an informed decision.


What is a wine fridge?

Wine fridges are appliances designed for wine preservation under optimal environmental conditions as well as for maintaining them at the ideal drinking temperature. Some particular models, for example, the ones with dual-zone features, allow you to do both simultaneously.

Additionally, they help to preserve the flavor of wine for longer than a regular refrigerator, along with all the benefits of storing and aging wine under the right conditions, such as controlled humidity, temperature, and light, all of which are very important when it comes to preserving your wines like an expert.


 Are wine fridges worth it?

The simple answer to the question is yes if you want to care for your wines and get the most out of every glass. Wine fridges have a lot to offer to wine enthusiasts, restaurants, and bar owners alike. They protect your wine for a long time and allow you to enjoy them as they were meant to. Here are the reasons why:


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Main benefits of a wine fridge

Perfect storage

They are the ideal way to store your wines. You must always remember that wines are sensitive and fragile by nature. They can be adversely affected by environmental factors.

Storing your wines away from other items also helps to preserve them. The other foods in the refrigerator release gases that can contaminate the wine’s flavor. Onion and garlic are big offenders in this regard.

A wine fridge also stores wine bottles horizontally. Wines are stored on their sides to keep the cork from drying out and ruining the wine.

Optimal temperature

The temperature within a standard refrigerator would fluctuate more than in a wine fridge for the simple reason there is more traffic. Fewer visits to the refrigerator mean the temperature remains as it should be for more extended periods.

You will most likely be only visiting your wine fridge when you need a bottle.

Minimal vibrations

Vibrations have been proven to affect wines negatively. You see in a standard refrigerator there will always be movement. People are always in and out getting food items and shifting things around.

Also, the compressor in a standard refrigerator causes its own set of vibrations. There is definitely less of this in a wine fridge.

Protection against UV rays

The ultraviolet rays that are emitted from the sun age wine too quickly and inevitably degrade the wine. Everything about the wine is compromised when it comes into contact with the sun. The ultraviolet rays trigger a chemical reaction within the wine causing both the smell and the taste to be altered.

As a side note, white wines are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays than red wines. The tannins in red wines offer some protection from the ultraviolet rays.

Wines are always ready to drink in a wine fridge

When set up at the right temperature, wine fridges allow you to have wine ready for drinking at any time. If friends drop by or you have had a hard day at work, you can pop open a bottle and enjoy. You can also find your wines faster since your collection can be kept in order.

But above all, the main benefit of owning a wine fridge is that it allows you to properly age wine no matter where you live in the world or the size of the house you live in.  The reason being is that the alternative to aging wine will be to build a wine cellar, which normally is done in the basement of the house, and would need some level of renovation to maintain the required humidity and temperature levels consistent throughout the year. As we have explained, you can achieve the same result, for a tenth of the cost and with more flexibility, as you can not only store them in any room of the house, but you can also size up or size down at will.

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How long does a wine fridge last?

You will be quite pleased to know that the life span of a wine fridge is quite impressive. If you decide to invest in one, you can have it for 10- 15 years. With proper care, some owners have had their wine fridge for 20 years.

How long a wine fridge last also depends on a few factors:

  • Proper installation: Distance from walls and furniture should be considered to allow for proper airflow as this is the most influential factor when it comes to extending the life of your wine fridge.
  • Quality of the unit that you purchase: not all wine fridges are created equally.
  • Following the recommended maintenance as indicated in the user guide that comes with your particular model.


How much does a wine fridge cost?

Of course, the cost depends on the size and the brand that you choose. We can give you an average cost for each size.

A small wine fridge unit can store up to 24 bottles of wine. These are ideal for home use. They can cost anywhere between $60 to $200 (USD).

A medium wine fridge unit can store up to 50 bottles. These units can be used for home use, small restaurants, or bars. They can be purchased for $250 to $650 (USD).

A large wine fridge unit can hold anywhere from 60 to 160 bottles of wine. Naturally, the ones that hold more bottles will be more expensive. They can cost anywhere between $900 to $2000 (USD). These are generally used commercially.


Wine Fridges


Tips to choose the best wine fridge

 With all the brands and sizes that are available, you may not be sure how to choose the best one. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Tip 1 ) Know what style and size you need

There are different styles of wine fridges. You can have a freestanding or a built-in/ under counter and choose a style that matches your decor. You also need to know what size is best for you! There are small, medium and, large wine fridges to choose from.

Tip 2 ) Explore the available features

There are other features to consider when choosing a wine fridge. Here are some that you may encounter:

Adjustable racks- So that all your favorite bottles of wines can fit

Reversible doors -This is when the doors can be installed from either side so that they can be better accommodated in your space.

Finishes– You may want your wine fridge to match the other furnishings in your home. There are options to choose from.

UV-protected glass– This is a great option if where you plan to place your wine fridge gets a lot of light.

Led lights– So you can find your drinks easily at night.

Tip 3 )  Know your budget

Always know what you are willing to spend and try to get the best value for your money.


We hope that we have helped you with any questions that you may have about wine fridges and you are now well on your way to acquiring your very own!


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