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Wine storage basics you need to know

These are the main aspects to consider when storing wines:

Temperature: In order for a wine to age properly and maintain its flavor, it is important to be store at the right temperature. The recommended temperature range is between 45°F and 65°F / 7°C and 18°C, with the optimum temperature being 55°F/12°C.  In order to maintain its seal, the cork always needs to be moist.  Any temperature fluctuations may cause the wine to expand making the wine to push out the cork or contract which may cause the cork to dried-out. Even a short exposure to extreme temperatures can cause a wine to lose it stunning aroma and to age poorly. Wine refrigerators prevent temperature fluctuations and create the perfect environment for the wines to age.

Light: Exposing a wine to UV light can cause premature aging. This is why most wine bottles are made of dark colored glass. For this reason, we recommend only buying wine refrigerators fitted with LED lights as these are free from the negative effects of light exposure.

Humidity: The ideal humidity level to store wines is 70%, although a safe range between 50 to 80% is good. Most wine coolers these days feature humidity control to help keep these levels constant. Too much humidity can cause mold to form.  On the other hand, if there is insufficient moisture the wine can become oxidized.

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How To Achieve The Best Serving Temperature

Have you ever had a glass of your favourite wine and tasted differently?

While it is true that different vintages of the same wine could vary in aroma or even in flavour, these changes are normally very subtle in nature and noticeable to the true connoisseur.

However, if your favourite wine, all of the sudden is not as good as you remember it, chances are it has been served at the wrong temperature.

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to wine temperature, is to serve all types of reds at what is known as “room temperature”. The problem is that this concept dates back to the fifteen hundreds in Europe, where the stone-wall chateaus usually kept room temperatures below 68oF/20oC degrees.

As we all know, times have changed and global warming together with modern building technics means that, unless you are reading this from Antarctica, your room temperature in summer is likely to be well over the right serving temperature of 60o to 65oF / 16o to 18oC degrees for a full body red.  If you try serving any of these types of wines, at let’s say at 77oF/25oC degrees, the alcohol in them will dominate the taste and diminish those characteristic notes of your favourite red.

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