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5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Wine Refrigerator

We have listed out some of the most common errors people make to help you choose the right wine storage for your collection:

1) Getting the incorrect size

One of the most common mistakes when buying a wine fridge is buying one way too small. Once you enjoy the benefits of owning one you will want to store all your bottles and even more. It is better to think ahead and give yourself room to grow your selection of wines. We usually recommend buying a unit with at least 40% extra room in bottle capacity. You won’t look back.

2) Not following the requirements when placing the wine refrigerator:

Another frequent mistake is placing the unit without following the manual requirements. Ensure that is not placed right against the wall, with not enough space for the air to circulate. The unit needs to have room to “breath” on its sides. This may cause the cooling system to work more than necessary consuming more electricity and potentially overheating the motor. If you buy a freestanding wine fridge do not install it in your cabinetry. Freestanding units normally have vents at the rear.

common mistakes when buying a wine refrigerator

3) Buying a wine refrigerator with no lock:

If you have kids, rent your house in Airbnb or like to entertain often and, don’t want guests to accidentally take the high-level tag bottle you were saving for a memorable occasion, a build-in wine chiller with a lock is a must. Buying one without one will be probably hard to fix or you will need to get a new one.

4) Exposing the wine refrigerator to excessive direct sunlight or heat:

When wine gets exposed to UV light can break down the compounds in it that make its flavor and aroma so great. In addition, will force the unit to work harder and will cost more to run. To avoid this, place the unit in a cool and dark area, away from the oven or any other hot appliances where the temperature does not oscillate too much.

5) Buying a single zone wine fridge instead of dual or multi-zone temperature:

A single zone wine cooler keeps all your bottles at the same temperature. Learning that red wines, white wines, rosés, and champagne all need to be stored at different temperatures is a pricey oversight when you have just bought a single zone unit.

If you have reds and whites, you should store them in a dual zone unit instead.

However, if you have amassed a large collection, with different types of wines opt for a multi-zone wine fridge as they can be set to keep wine at different conditions within the same unit.

Now that you know the most common mistakes to avoid, you’re ready to shop for the perfect wine refrigerator for you! 

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