Dual Zone Wine Fridges

Wine fridges come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the more popular kinds is the dual zone wine fridge. Dual zone wine fridges are great for people who have limited space for their wine collection, but want to be able to store both red and white wines separately, since each wine have different serving requirements. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of dual zone wine fridges, why you should consider buying one, and how to choose the best one for your needs if you do decide to make this purchase.

Dual Zone Wine Fridges are without a doubt one of the most versatile appliances that any wine enthusiast could ever own. More than serving their intended purpose of storing your bottles, these fridges are specially built for accommodating different types of wine and keeping each bottle at its perfect temperature. They are simply ideal for those who enjoy red and white wine because unlike their single zone counterpart, they allow the control and manipulation of two different temperatures.

Although there are a lot of really great single zone wine fridges, they are only ideal for those who love collecting, drinking, and storing bottles of only ONE type of wine. Since red and white wine should be served at different temperatures, holding bottles of the two variations in a Single Zone Wine Fridge is not the best choice. Drinking wine that has been stored under the wrong temperature can flatten its flavor and make the experience less than superb. In the same way, providing your bottles with the ideal conditions will ensure that your wine doesn’t spoil. Dual Zone Wine Fridges allow avid wine drinkers to widen their range and enjoy a variety of wines while they keep every type at its perfect temperature.

Why choose Dual Zone Wine Fridges?

dual zone wine refrigerator

When you start immersing yourself in the world of wines, you start discovering new ways to consume the precious elixir. As the palate develops, you may begin to taste the slight changes and subtle flavors from a cup of wine. Furthermore, as your expertise grows, so will your collection. While these fridges are the best choice for those who enjoy white and red wines, they may not be the most viable option for those who prefer one of the two. If your wine taste is centered around one of the varieties, and you dislike the other, Dual Zone Wine Fridges may not be for you.

With that being said, these appliances are perfect for wine enthusiasts to keep whites and reds at their most ideal drinking temperature. These specialized wine fridges provide medium to large storage chambers and allow the user to adjust the degrees of the two holding spaces to keep their reds and whites at their preferred coldness degree. All while keeping their bottles organized in the same fridge. As we have mentioned before, different types of wine are meant to be served in different temperatures and for this reason, Dual Zone Wine Fridges are ideal for those who want to have the freedom of choosing the wine that they are drinking, whether it is red or white, and be fully aware that the bottle they are consuming is at the perfect temperature to make their drink all the more pleasing.

Integrating a wine fridge into your home

The average home can accommodate a wine fridge in many different ways. You don’t need to be a millionaire or own a mansion to have a full wine fridge inside your house. Most Dual Zone Wine Fridges are medium to large since they have to be able to hold the two different types of wines, but they widely vary in dimension. The range of diversity will allow you to pick the one that perfectly matches your space. Big, medium, thick, or tall – it is up to you. The ideal location will depend on its characteristics and whether it is a built-in, a freestanding or an under-counter wine fridge. Choose the one that best suits you and integrate it into your home so you can satisfy that craving for a perfectly chilled glass of wine.

While most Dual Zone Wine Fridges are freestanding, there are some exceptions. One exemplary model is the Maisee (Model MSO12WDF) that is freestanding but can also be as a countertop. This mini fridge can hold up to 12 standard bottles of 750 ml.

As it uses thermoelectric cooling technology, there is low vibration, making it it’s so quiet that you will barely know it is there!

It is also ETL certified, which means it consumes 25% less energy than similar wine coolers.

dual zone wine fridge
Dual zone wine cooler – 12 bottles – Brand: Maisee

Unlike an under-counter wine fridge or any built-in variations, the freestanding models allow the user to place the wine fridge wherever they see fit. Be it the kitchen floor, on top of the counters, or in a completely separate space like a garage or an outdoor patio, there are multiple choices of freestanding Dual Zone Wine Fridges that are capable of adjusting to any space. The Koolatron (Model WC24MG) is a great option for storing 24 wine bottles stylishly and functionally. Its freestanding quality allows the user to set the fridge wherever they want and display their wine collection as they see fit.

This elegant wine cooler features six removable wire racks that allow to fit different bottle sizes and shapes.

dual zone wine cooler
24 Bottle dual wine fridge – Brand: Koolatron

If your wine collection has gone past the 60 mark and you’re finding it difficult to store your bottles, switching from a Dual Zone Wine Fridge and using two separate ones might be the answer. That way, you can keep the classes of wines separate and adjust the temperature as needed be for reds and whites.

Two great alternatives of medium capacity wine fridges are the Phiestina and the Whynter FWC-341TS. They house 29 and 34 bottles, respectively.

dual zone wine refrigerator
18 Bottle dual zone Max Compressor – Brand: Wine Enthusiast
Dual wine cooler
29 Bottle dual wine cooler – Brand: Phiestina

Each with digital touch controls, the freestanding and built-in optional characteristic of the 29-bottle fridge allows you to modify your space to accommodate the fridge as you please, combining it with your kitchen or home bar or just using it as a stand-alone wine fridge. Meanwhile, the 34-bottle freestanding fridge is known for its modern display of the wine itself.

free standing wine fridge
34 Bottle dual wine cooler – Brand: Whynter (Model FMW-341TS)

As much as Single Zone Wine Fridges can be useful in the great scale of things, having two separate fridges to store wine might seem like an inconvenience. Wine drinkers that enjoy reds and whites often prefer viewing their collection in the same fridge and are more inclined to pick an appliance that will satisfy the need to provide the perfect conditions for each kind instead of going with two separate ones. Needless to say, we can assuredly conclude that Dual Zone Wine Fridges are without a doubt the best option for the casual yet refined wine enthusiast that finds both red wine and white wine palatable and pleasing.

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