Large Wine Fridges

Are you a wine enthusiast?

large wine fridges

If you are serious about wine and would like to build a large collection, then this section for you.

Large wine fridges are the big titans of wine cellars and are often used when wine becomes a big part of your life and you are passionate about the fine art that is aging and enjoying wine. That is of course when we refer to the domestic owner of Large Wine Fridges. Assuredly, businesses and other establishments that offer a relatively large selection of wines will also be inclined to acquire an extra-large appliance that will properly accommodate their numerous bottles. Going big is a conscious choice that wine enthusiast makes when their collecting becomes more than a hobby and turns into a passion. That is when extra-large wine fridges like the Allavino VSWR172-2SR20 start coming into play. Wine fridges like this one provide digital controls to adjust the temperature and humidity and facilitate the storage of 172 bottles of wine.

Large Wine Fridges are big machines with the power to store and age many bottles of wine. Evidently, due to their shape and size, these appliances can take up a considerable portion of any room. They can also represent a higher cost of electricity since they require a good amount of energy to operate. The fridges can be freestanding or built-in and are often the go-to when building a wine cellar. If you’re considering one of these mammoth fridges to put in your home, you might want to make sure that you put it in an isolated room. Most of these colossal appliances produce a fair amount of white noise. Extra-Large Wine Fridges are mostly found inside businesses and wine cellars placed in underground rooms. 

In answering the question if “is bigger better?” depends entirely on who you are and what you want to achieve in terms of collecting, storing, and drinking wine. If you’re still getting the hang of it and your wine collection isn’t larger than 20 bottles, large Wine Fridges may be too big for you. Most owners of these big appliances are individuals who have been exploring the world of wine for a considerable amount of time and have gotten to experience the different sides of vino. When it comes to wine fridges, bigger is always better if you’re an avid wine collector and you have the space to accommodate large and extra-large wine fridges. On the same side of the coin, these big fridges are almost mandatory for the establishments like restaurants and bars whose need to store wine is larger than normal. For these kinds of places, the bigger the space they have to store their goods, the better it is for their business. The Koolatron Grand Series is a perfect choice of an extra-large wine fridge for both domestic and commercial use since it can hold more than 120 bottles. It is also a Dual Zone Wine Fridge, which allows the owner the opportunity to store reds and whites together.

Benefits of Large Wine Fridges

As with any cooling and storage solutions, large wine fridges boast have benefits. The only downfall of these fridges is that they are large in size and need a lot of space and energy to operate. These big appliances are perfect to immortalize numerous wine collections and make sure that the bottles are in the perfect environment. Many people use extra-large wine fridges for the sole purpose of aging wine while others use them to display their collection in the most effectively. The Whynter BWR-0922DZ is an excellent extra-large wine fridge for this. Its modern, clean-cut look provides a space to keep 92 bottles of wine while staying slick and visually pleasing. Its dual zone characteristic also allows the proper conditions to store reds, whites, and sparkling together.

large wine cooler refrigerator
NewAir Large Wine Cooler Refrigerator| 98 Bottle Capacity | Freestanding Fridge NWC098SS00

For businesses, large wine fridges are a great investment, especially the dual-zone ones. Storing the large selection of wines under the ideal humidity will ensure that every bottle is at its ready-to-drink temperature at all times. This will also ensure the quality and longevity of every and all your bottles. As business owners, the last thing you want is to be known for offering bad wine. Or even worse, insulting wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs for serving them wine the wrong way. Extra-Large Wine Fridges are a great solution to maintain the quality of your multiple wine bottles and guarantee a ready-to-drink glass at all times. Two great alternatives are the NewAir NWC098SS00 and the Allavino YHWR99-2BRN. The first holds 98 bottles and the latter 99 and the two have digital controls. Both are freestanding dual-zoned fridges that provide the best conditions to store a large number of wine bottles.

When it’s all said and done, wine is an inclusive passion. It truly is for everyone interested in it. As long as you are the drinking age or older, the world of wine welcomes individuals of all walks of life. Although collecting and storing wine properly might require some study and effort, there are a lot of different sizes of wine fridges available in the market for you. That being said, there are limitations to each size, and going the extra-large route might be unavoidable in some cases. For the amateur, small wine fridges and for the expert, the extra-large wine fridges. No matter who you are and where you come from, whether your goal is to build your wine cellar or own a successful business that offers all kinds of wine on its menu, large wine fridges are the only appliances that will help you achieve what you desire.