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Quiet Wine Fridges

Are wine fridges quiet? What do you need to look for in a wine fridge to make sure is quiet?

There are no universally agreed levels of sound that define when a particular fridge is considered noisy or quiet, as this is subjective and can vary quite a lot from person to person, however, there are some industry guidelines you can follow to help you understand what noise level you should you be looking for, or even better, try to avoid.

First of all, it is important to mention that compared to a standard refrigerator or freezer, some wine fridges can produce slightly more noise. The good news is that most of today’s modern wine fridges keep everything inside perfectly cool while being whisper-quiet. The technology used to make refrigerators quieter has improved dramatically over time, as has their energy efficiency, however, there are still some models in the market that are louder than others, so it’s important to consider this before you buy one to ensure that you end up with the quietest wine fridge available.

This is why our experts in bestwinefridges, have done all the research to help you find the right fridge for you. Here is what we found:

Quite often manufacturers don’t publish the sound level of wine fridges, making it hard to distinguish between a loud and a quiet one.

To work around this problem, we recommend looking at the type of cooling technology used to refrigerate. As mentioned in our Buying Guide, there are two coolant types on wine fridges:

Thermoelectric vs Compressor Cooling

Thermoelectric: gives a more steady and controlled temperature and is vibration-free. The refrigeration in small and midsize wine coolers is frequently done with a thermoelectric unit. This form of coolant has a small number of moving parts, making it an appropriate technique for reducing vibration and therefore making less noise.

On the other side, there is the compressor coolant type. Due to its mechanical nature, the compressor has higher vibration levels which create more noise. Manufacturers have taken steps to reduce vibrations, such as placing the refrigeration equipment near the top or bottom of the structure and adding extra insulation. Thermoelectric refrigerators are more expensive than compressor coolers. The coolant type is usually done via a compressor system in larger machines. The vibrations tend to disperse before reaching the bottles due to their larger size.

Some models are hybrid, which means it has both thermoelectric and compressor types in them, and these fall in between.

To minimize the noise, even more, another good option is to consider an under-counter or built-in wine fridge. They look great and it is the perfect way to quieten any noise.

If you select this option, make sure there is enough air circulation underneath and on the back of the unit to allow proper function.

Why is my wine fridge noisy?

Do you have a noisy wine fridge? There are several options you can take to reduce the noise from your wine fridge and make it quieter, including some that you can do yourself and others that require you to call in a professional. The good news about quieting down your fridge is that these solutions tend to be cheap and easy to implement, so you won’t have to spend much money or effort if you want peace from your wine fridge.

Firstly, inspect that the wine cooler has been installed properly.

Secondly, make sure all shelves are correctly positioned and that none of your bottles are not clashing with each other or are not touching the door.

If you have recently moved your wine fridge and you start hearing a metal noise, it may be that the silent block (a rubber that absorbs vibrations) has been slipped off the compressor. This can be easily fixed by readjusting the compressor on its rubber.

If your fridge is rattling or bumping around like an old car, then it needs to be taken in for servicing. This is especially important if you have an older model, as newer fridges shouldn’t need servicing so often.

Some of the best quiet wine fridges are:
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12 Bottle – Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Brand: Koolatron WC12-35D
Quiet wine fridge
30 Bottles Wine Fridge for Built In or Freestanding Brand: Staigis

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