Small Wine Fridges

If you want to start a small wine collection, or you do not have room for a large cellar, then keep reading as here is where you will find all you need to know about the best small wine fridges.

Regardless of their size, wine fridges are a practical solution when it comes to preserving and storing wine and can be ideal for those who want to start a collection. These fridges are designed specifically for wine and give the owner the opportunity to keep their wine at its peak for a long period of time.

When picking a fridge to take home, the number of bottles it can hold at a given time is an important factor to consider. Even though you might be able to upgrade your wine cooler down the track, it is recommendable to invest a little bit of time upfront to avoid running out of space as soon as you start using it.

Small wine fridges, also known as mini wine fridges, can generally store between 10 and 20 bottles of wine and are primarily single zone fridges.

But why should you even invest in a wine fridge if you already have a perfectly fine fridge at home?

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Although it may seem like your regular fridge at home is the perfect place to store your wine, the opposite is true. The temperature and humidity levels in a home fridge vary too much to give your bottles the proper storing conditions. For a couple of days, sure, maybe it would be fine. But if you’re planning to hold onto a bottle of wine for more than 6 months, keeping it in your regular fridge will most likely compromise the quality of your wine. Wine fridges are special appliances that are built for the sole purpose of storing wine. They provide temperature controls and store wine under the ideal conditions to keep its quality intact. If you have more than a couple of bottles of wine and you want it to stay nice and crisp, you might want to consider the purchase of a small wine fridge.

Another thing to note is that wine should be stored laying down, sideways. This is to ensure that the cork remains moist. A dried-out cork can compromise the seal of the bottle and cause the wine to spoil. As you can imagine, unless you built a contraption or think about buying one of those fridge inserts (that ultimately serve no purpose), keeping a bottle of wine on its side for longer than a couple of days is fairly difficult when we talk about a high-traffic home fridge. Especially if there are small children in the house who have access to it. Even if it’s all adults who are careful about the bottle, accidents can happen – you wouldn’t want to break an expensive wine bottle that you haven’t even gotten a chance to drink!

Are Small Wine Fridges the right choice for me?

Small Wine Fridges are a great choice for those starting their wine collection. They are perfect for small homes and they can be accommodated in almost any room, be it the kitchen or the home bar. This way, you can design your room without worrying about sacrificing space or just sneak a little wine fridge in the corner of the kitchen for a valuable addition. There are many different models, but if you’re looking for a place to start, the Wine Enthusiast is a solid choice. This small wine fridge has digital controls and the capacity to hold 18 bottles of vino. Its tower design gives it the perfect shape to fit almost any space. Another alternative for the same capacity that has the same “tower” design is the Koblenz 18-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Fridge. This is the perfect size for a little corner.

Now, if you have a collection that is larger than 20-22 bottles of wine, it is possible that mini wine fridges aren’t for you. Although there are small wine fridges that are capable of holding 20 bottles like The Koolatron-WC20 – You may still need a medium wine fridge if your collection is still growing. Choosing a small wine fridge could cap the number of bottles you can store at a time and unless you want to cycle through them, the choice of a mini wine fridge may not suit your needs. In that same way, if your selection of wine is less than 20 bottles but it includes reds and whites, small wine fridges may not be for you either. The vast majority of these compact appliances are Single Zone Wine Fridges. This means that they only have one temperature setting, and as most of you know, red and white wine requires different temperature levels to be stored under the proper conditions. So choose wisely!

Make the most of your small wine fridge!

Including wine fridges in your home is a great way to store bottles that are perfectly chilled and ready to drink. If you’re one that enjoys a nice glass of wine to ease into your night and relax or you want a little bit of Red to accompany a slab of meat, a wine fridge might be a great investment. Add a mini wine fridge to your home to amp up your life! You don’t need a ton of space since their compact size makes them fit almost anywhere. If you have a small kitchen and you’re looking for a built-in or a freestanding fridge that holds 20 bottles of wine, choose models like this one. Just set it on the floor next to your home bar. You are in control with mini wine fridges because their shape and size make them extremely versatile. They aren’t the centerpiece in any room and they don’t take up enough space to be a bother. Plus, they store your bottles of wine in the most effective way possible. Unlike other big appliances, when it comes to small wine fridges, the possibilities are endless.

20 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator- Freestanding – Brand: Vehipa

Mini Wine Fridges

A mini wine fridge, or small wine fridge, is an excellent addition to any wine lover’s kitchen. It’s ideal if you don’t have much space to spare in your home. They are specially designed to hold your favorite bottles and keep them ready to be serve at the perfect temperature.

Although these mini fridges are compact, they still have features of their full-sized counterparts, including temperature control and internal lighting. You may think that this type of smaller unit would not hold enough wine to be worth its price, but when you consider the benefits of these little guys, you’ll see how they can actually work in your favor!

6 Bottle Wine Cellar
Brand: Black+Decker
6 Bottle Free standing Wine Cooler Brand: Koblenz
6 Bottle countertop
Brand: Wine Enthusiast

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