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Where should I place my wine fridge?

Investing in a wine cooler is a fantastic idea and deciding how to display your wine can be a lot of fun.

There are lots of options where to put your brand new wine fridge. By keeping in mind a few specific considerations, you can find the absolute best spot in your home for your unit.

There are favorable and unfavorable places where you could install a wine fridge. It can look great either if you make it a center of attraction or just place it in the corner.

As with any home appliance, you’ll want to measure the space available before deciding which one to purchase. Make sure you leave a few inches between your unit and the wall or any surrounding furniture.

Generally speaking, when deciding where to place your wine fridge, avoid any location that has the following:

■ Fluctuations in temperature

■ Insufficient ventilation

■ Too much light or sun exposure

Let’s now go through some of the best and not so good places to install your new unit:

Cellar: If you are lucky enough to have a cellar in your home, that is definitely the best place to install your unit. Cellars are prepared with the right conditions in mind to age wine and store it properly, so that would be the ideal pleace for your wine fridge.

where should I place my wine fridge

The Kitchen: This is probably the most common spot for a wine refrigerator at your home.

Countertop wine fridges allow for easy access while also maximizing your space. If you don’t want to sacrifice floor space and only want to chill a few select bottles, consider placing a smaller wine cooler on your counter. There are lots of small wine refrigerators that are prepared for this purpose.

There are also built in / under counter wine fridges that look really great and are very popular. If you are remodeling your kitchen or you have an old trash compactor that you are not using, an undercounter wine fridge will be more useful for this space.

Dinning / Living Room: If most of your entertaining is done in the dinning/living room, this can be a great location for a freestanding wood-and-glass wine cabinet.

Under the stairs: This is especially useful for people who live in a two-story home. In most cases, you will have some room underneath the stairs that is usually unused. Placing your wine cooler under the stairs will make a perfect use of that space and it will look amazing.

Outdoor patio/ Porch: An outdoor patio is a popular place to entertain, and therefore, a commonn place for a wine refrigerator. However, the temperature of an outdoor area can fluctuate considerably, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when selecting where you place your unit.

If you live in an area that doesn’t experience extreme weather and your space doesn’t receive extended periods of direct sunlight, it can be quite convenient to store your wine bottles on your porch.

Garage: The lack of natural sunlight in a garage is a definite plus for your wine cooler, but the stale air and susceptibility to changes in ambient temperature can cause problems with units not designed to handle extreme climate fluctuations.

Basement: Basements provide the advantage of a cool place with a darkened setting. This is the perfect condition to a stable climate. Just make sure there is not much humidity and is properly ventilated.

Room: While a wine refrigerator is far from loud, some people may have trouble sleeping with the light hum of a unit. If this is you, we’d recommend placing your unit elsewhere. 

Final Thoughts

Wine fridges are elegant and classy enough to meld seamlessly into your home. The charm and presence of your wine bottles add slightly of discernment wherever you place them, so before installing your wine fridge, take time to think about not just how and where it’ll fit, but how it’ll look and where it’ll do the foremost good.
By following the guidance and measures described above, you’ll get the most out of your wine and your cooler will last longer.

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